Don't Give Up

When the Pres came home form our neighbors carrying a very limp, dried up root of a Butterfly bush with the withered and wilted branches, all he said to me was, "Save it."  That was back in mid-July when it was hot, humid and extremely dry.

Planting it in a sunny location on the hillside near the birdbaths, I thought that IF I could bring the little thing back to life, the birds would appreciate it.  They could perch on it as they waited their turn to bathe.

Cutting it back and checking on it almost daily, I waited and watched as it struggled through the long dry Summer.  Taking care not to overwater it, I saw that the limp, bare branches held on to life. 

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Don't Give Up

 (Life Matters)

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Natures Notes 2

This one was taken a few days ago, the small, tender branches are full of new growth including a bloom!


Ann Thompson said…
It never would have survived in my yard. Good job

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