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Well, like so many of you, I'm still in the same predicament with notification of comments being sent to my email address and no answer about several other Blogger concerns that I've requested feedback on.  However, as always I have another story to doesn't just stop.

For the past five days, the Pres has been helping my daughter and her honey build a "she-shed."  The first thing I must say is that I know I pick on the Pres a lot and YOU know I pick on the Pres a lot, but I have to reiterate...don't ever underestimate this man.  When he puts his mind to something, there is no changing or stopping it.  The most interesting thing is that he does all the building calculations in his head.

So, from calculating the number of concrete blocks for the foundation to the amount of lumber, trim, flashing, shingles, cedar shakes they would need, they worked without me.  

And "where was I?"  I was home with a strained back and an "almost healed heel."  Forget about me because i had my own project going on, which I'll tell you about later.


Learning to shingle a roof, and how to cut and place the shakes correctly, each day my daughter was more and more excited.  Finding the used French doors for free was next to miraculous while the larger side glass-paned windows that open out like the French doors haven't yet been delivered.  So proud of my daughter and her honey, let alone the Pres!  

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eileeninmd said…
Looks awesome, well done! Take care, enjoy your day!
Oh how darling! Tell your daughter to enjoy her private space! :) ~Andrea xoxo
Ann Thompson said…
How exciting. It looks great.

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