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Saving me from walking on the railroad tracks as well as up and down a VERY steep incline near the dam,  I was able to walk down to the river's edge in record time.  With such easy access, it will be a real time saver and gives me a clear view to the dam.  None of this would have been possible without a good friend giving me permission to use his property to get to the river's edge...(thanks OS)!! 

Plotting the course often used by the Eagles along the river, I'm hoping it will prove to my advantage this upcoming season.

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In Search Of 

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Happy you have a route that makes life a bit easier. Sometimes you just have to ask. Worst that can happen is to be told "no" and you just might be surprised.
eileeninmd said…
Pretty views, I am glad you have easy access to see the eagles. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!
Oh how beautiful!! ~Andrea xoxo
Glad to read that you have found a safer route, JP, and you should soon see some wonderful colors along that waterway...and eagles hopefully.

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