When we moved here, we brought our generator with us.  It had served us well in VA and the Pres knew that we would use it here in the Northeast.  He built a cover for it using plywood which has, over the nine years, deteriorated and "had seen better days."  

A few weeks ago we ordered a metal shed which was delivered last week.  Unfortunately, the delivery trucked never notified us that it was coming that day.  They "PLOPPED" right in front of my garage on it's skid and there it stood greeting the Pres after a hard day's work at the farm!  But together, we moved it and...

We...HE...put it together this weekend.  I thought I could lead a hand, but the Pres, needed full rein so I just him do his thing and continued with weeding.

The afternoon of the second full day of working on it, he called me over to give him a hand.  When I questioned the number of excess screws sitting on the tailgate of his truck, his response was "well, those are extras."

Even tough he is a wise guy, I am lucky to have the Pres.  He may not work a lot around the house and yard, but when he does, he works hard.

The following day, before I went to register it for the warranty, we filled out the questionnaire card.  When I got to their question on "simple, easy to follow instructions," he said "Yes, if you follow them.  I skipped two pages, thinking I was taking a shortcut and that's why I had to take half of it apart and rebuild."

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Ann said…
Men never seem to think directions are necessary.
Gemma's person said…
Yes, they might as well not include them.
Michelle said…
My husband always needs to be in charge with things like this and I let him! lol We have been married for over 30 years, so I help only when called :) Thanks for linking up!

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