The End Is Near

As you can see, some of my Summer perennials are winding down.  Last year, letting Nature take it's course, I intentionally did not cut the Echinacea flowers until my little Goldfinches were done with them. 

The result was insane!  This year almost my entire upper bed was filled with various stages of the pink Coneflowers thanks to the little birds spreading the seed as they nibbled.

So this year, Nature's little wonders are once again my little helpers.  Every day they zip in and out of that bed dropping seeds and hulls as Katniss sits in the window watching.

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The End Is Near

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They are working here, too. Most of mine are on the black eyed susans since my coneflowers didn't do as well this year. I have to many of the BES that I really need to cut the flower stalks and dispose of them.
Ann said…
Well isn't that a nice little gardening crew.
Awwww... I love "nature's little helpers". Year after year I have sunflowers in my yard and I never plant a one of them. The squirrels do it for me, from the seed I put down for them daily. I think it's their way of thanking me for feeding and watering them all summer long. ~Andrea xoxo

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