Yes, I've had a sore heel.  Because of that I've restricted my physical activities for the past week or hiking, no kayaking...just working around the house and yard.   I will admit though that I've had the best company ever.  

For instance, when I washed the first floor exterior of the house by hand, she basked in the sunshine in her screen house.  When it got a little too warm in the Southern sun, I rolled out the shade so she didn't get too hot.



When it was time to move to the West side of the house, I relocated Katniss too.  After all, she needed to watch the bugs crawl and the birds fly.  Remaining fixated on them, she seems to be fond of worms and slugs, although she does go a little crazy when a bird flies right at her crate...LOL!

So I scrubbed the vinyl siding while she watched the dragonflies come and go.


While I washed and rinsed the vinyl trim around the windows, she watched  the toads hop out of the way of the cold hose water.


Yes, this is the meaning of "together" in our world of today.

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Ann said…
Maybe you and Katniss would like to come to my house and clean my siding? :)
Gemma's person said…
Of all things, I am going to comment on your heel. I had that problem and had been taking Geritol. Stopped taking it and my heel quit hurting. I think I can take it just not as often as I had been and it would be okay.
Nice of Katniss to keep you company. :)
Hey, and ditto what Ann said above.
Sounds like the best kind of together to me!
eileeninmd said…

Katniss is a great companion, she is lucky to have the outside crate. She can enjoy all the nature around her.
Love the dragonfly and the toad. I hope your heel is healing.. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.
Yvonne said…
What a busy person you are, but I think Katniss is in her element as supervisor. Lovely photos.
Sometimes, just stopping to rest and relax is the best thing, JP, and Katniss is a good role model!
I hope your heels get better. Mine suddenly got sore and it lasted a long time. Shoe inserts helped a lot. - Margy

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