Turning Back

Feeling great today because WE FINALLY ARE GETTING RAIN!   The air, although warm and very humid, feels like it's being cleaned as the raindrops accumulate around the yard.  Indoor work is on my plate for today and since I did so much this morning, I thought I'd stop and show you how my late blooming Clematis is coming along.

What I really want to show you is this...a view of  just what the ocean looks like from a kayak!!  

Yep, I finally paddled a CT marina that led to a vast ocean (the Atlantic).  Did I paddle far?  Hell NO!!

In fact, as we (BFF & I) approached the arched bridge West of the marina that would lead us to open water, the conversation went something like this:

ME: "Hey, I'm beginning to feel a little anxious about going out there.  Are you?  Yep, I think I may have an anxiety attack."

BFF: "No, I'm fine."

ME:  "Do YOU know the creatures that live beneath that surface out there?!?!  Who's to say a creature wouldn't jump or bump into us, and tip us over?  Here's the plan.  Once we go through the bridge, you turn to the right and I'll turn to the left and then we'll head back." 

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Turning Back
(aka Friends Don't Ask Questions)

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I'd be the same way, JP. I'd enjoy the gorgeous-ness of it all but I wouldn't get any closer. Love, Andrea xoxo
eileeninmd said…
Wow, the clematis is huge, beautiful blooms. Gorgeous view and sky!

Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy weekend ahead.
Debby said…
I can't wait for the rains to come.
Oh, that sweet autumn clematis gorgeous and I bet it smells heavenly. Don't blame you one bit for being skittish about more open water if you're not used to it.
Hoping this isn't a duplicate comment. Got an error message on my last try. Anyway, beautiful sky shot, made even better knowing you took it from a kayak!!
Beautiful---we are wishing for rain out this way too.
Carola Bartz said…
I would have turned back as well. I still don't feel very comfortable in our kayak, my confidence kind of evaporates when I'm in there. The view, however, is beautiful - but going out in the open waters of a vast ocean in a tiny boat? No way!!! - I love your clematis, it's amazing!
Your yard flowers are so large, JP, and yes we also need some rain here in Nashua, NH. Glad that you and your BFF were able to go for a kayak trip, but I would not have gone to the ocean as well.

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