A Fairy Tale Life

Wondering who or what calls this place "home."


seeing, saying, and sharing...

A Fairy Tale Life

with you and those at

Skywatch Friday


Lordy... I wonder too. That's amazing! I always wonder also what those kind of folks do for a living, you know? ~Andrea xoxo
Inger said…
Someone must have dreamed about castles and built themselves one.

Thanks for stopping by, I must add you to my reading list. I do it a bit differently from how others follows blogs. I think.
Carola Bartz said…
That is quite an interesting building, but I'm not sure I would like to live in it.
eileeninmd said…

They must love castles, is there a moat too?
Take care, enjoy your day!
Can you tell us where this fairy tale home is located, JP? I would prefer an actual castle myself if given a choice, but of course a modern one.

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