Company for Dinner?

ME:  "Hon, I really don't think we should get together with the kids for the holidays.  What do you think?"

THE PRES:  "Well, lets wait and see.  Thanksgiving is a month away and Christmas is two months, so lets just wait."

Backing up to last Sunday morning, I was on the phone with my daughter when the Pres' cell rang as he was cooking bacon.  Hearing him say, "Oh, alright.  Well, take care" the conversation was done within minutes.  (The Pres does not like to be on the phone, nor does he ask questions, as I do.)  

Hanging up from my daughter immediately when he looked over at me and said, "She (his daughter) tested positive for COVID."  The Pres had no answers for any of the many questions I had so I went directly to the source.

Now nearly every day I either call or text her.  As of today (10/24), inhaling deeply is "uncomfortable," although her symptoms had been mild.  Starting with a scratchy throat on the 13th, she lost her sense of smell and taste on day 5, and has had no fever.   She was not tested until Saturday 10/17 because a fellow waitress called her, had tested positive and it was believed that they both contracted it from a "regular" (an 83 yr old man "who comes in al the time") AND a fellow employee who does the karaoke at the restaurant.  They all worked together on 10/11.

I do not know if whoever she was around was notified and tested nor do I know where she's been or with whom for the 6 days prior to testing.  What I do know is, her husband and the girls are okay so far, and she has been self isolating since she tested positive.  The entire family is quarantining for two weeks.

So, as it stands now...NO COMPANY...not here...not with the "older" people with the exception of maybe a turkey or two.

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Company for Dinner?

with you and

Saturday Critters


Hootin' Anni said…
I read on Ginny's comments that you have a new blog & I wanted to stop in to say hello
...and read your post! I certainly hope the recovery is quick and hopefully less painful than what I've heard - be safe yourself & thoughts & prayers being said.
Debbie said…
oh no, i hope everyone is ok and recovers quickly, it is all so scary. our numbers here in new jersey are really high again and i am hoping i can get one more haircut before our governor shuts everything down again!!

at least you will have company for dinner. i am sure some of the turkeys will survive!! hehehehe
Ginny Hartzler said…
I'm so sorry! hopefully her symptoms will continue to be mild! Love the turkeys!
I hate to hear that too and will keep her in my prayers. It seems so easy to spread and it's hard to avoid it when you work. The turkeys are a neat photo! Enjoy your day!
eileeninmd said…

So sorry to hear about your daughter testing positive for Covid, I hope she is recovering well. I am late commenting, I enjoyed your photos of the turkeys. Thank you for sharing your post. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend ahead.

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