Having Some Fun

 Giving the Scavenger Hunt hosted by Hootin'Anni a whirl. 

1 - A sign [sign of anything, any material]

2 - Think "Outside the Box" on this...something seasonal.

3 - A yellow leaf 

4 - Anything of miniature [trinket, jewelry, knick-knack...anything]..

5 - Pumpkin or gourd..

6 - Something that is dated* [document, newspaper, screenshot, etc. *show date!]

7 - Anything that is lighted [bulb, headlight, lantern, etc.]

8 - Decorated door [entryway...doesn't have to be of the season]

9 - A printed author's name [book cover, magazine article, TV credit, etc.]

10- Mystery item. ANYTHING...macro, close-up that will be 'unknown' to us all. We guess what it is!!

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Having Some Fun

with you and

Hootin'Anni's Scavenger Hunt

In case you're wondering what # 10 was.  I'll show you:
A close-up of the button on my cap...:)


MadSnapper said…
they are all perfect and 7 is my favorite, the unknown maybe sushine coming in through a window shining on something. i did not realize you shut down the other blog and have this one now.. until today
carol l mckenna said…
All wonderfully creative photos ~ fun scavenger hunt too ^_^

Live each moment with love,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)
Hootin' Anni said…
I'm thinking your mystery #10 is an ornament? Loved all your finds, my favorite is your mini...but all are terrific. Thanks for playing!
Great photo choices! My favorite is the bittersweet. I just love that stuff! The mystery item looks like an ornament?
I love it too...indoors and if outdoors only the American, not the Japanese (because it's invasive and strangles trees!).
Thanks Anni however a big "NOPE" on #10.
I am not good at things like this, Carol...LOL...but thank you.
Thank you Sandra but a big "NOPE" on #10.
Ginny Hartzler said…
The sign, and cute miniatures are my favorites. You did great!

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