More Leaves

Several weeks ago, I shared a story about one lone root of dried up butterfly bush that the Pres brought home from our neighbor (Don't Give Up).  I just had to show you what it looks like today.  It even gave us one little bloom!!

Scooting outside to take a quick pic even though it's cloudy and damp, you can see why I don't give up.  This year has been a banner year for yard work and hopefully it will pay off come Spring.  A friend let me dig six itty bitty (about 3") Red Maple sprouts from around their tree which I potted and cared for all Summer.  Last weekend they were strategically placed mostly on the perimeter of the yard with the exception of one.  It was planted where another tree once stood and should do well in that location, giving us a bright touch of "red."

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More Leaves

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Rambling Woods said…
Thank goodness Mother Nature is tenacious
Michelle said…
So glad to hear about your Red Maple sprouts. Maples are such beautiful trees. We planted a few Sugar Maples a couple of years ago and they have really taken off. I hope you have good luck with yours.
Ginny Hartzler said…
So should I delete your old blog? Have you totally changed over to this new one? How come? I will add you to my sidebar.
Debbie said…
i am a true tree lover, i adore everything about them!! but i do believe now must be their proudest time, dropping their brightly colored leaves to the ground. trusting they won't need them for a while!!
betty-NZ said…
It's always exciting to see the seedlings you raised start to become a full-fledged tree! Great news :)

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