One for the Fall

Planting the bulbs in the Spring when they arrived, I watched and waited all Summer for emerge from the ground.  The months passed and I saw nothing.  In fact, I not only wondered if the bulbs had been eaten by the moles but also began to have self doubts as to where I planted the darn things!


Then one day just recently, as I walked past the narrow flower bed along the East side of the house, there it was...ONE stem, ONE bloom.

seeing, saying, and sharing...

One for the Fall


Shadow Shot Sunday 2


Awwww.... how beautiful. Single, solitary, beautiful!! Your bulbs will do better next spring, as sometimes bulbs have a hard time of it their first year in. ~Andrea xoxo
Even that single plant was lovely to see, JP, but too bad the others didn't join it 😢
My spider lilies are blooming too. I love those things, especially when driving down a country road and there they are at an old home place where the house has long disappeared

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