The Fishermen

Holy moosepoops!  If you don't recognize me from that expression, I don't know what else to do kids!!

A new domain (I think) called "A Green Ridge" was purchased and hopefully will let me continue to rant and share my stories and adventures when you feel lke listening to me or if I feel the need.

Forget the drama and saga about the former name.  Here I am...the same old person with a different "cover".  The thing is all the names I wanted were "N/G".  All had bad things associated with them and after dealing with it, I will say that there are a lot of "bad" things out there!!  Forgetting all that, the very healthy, wholesome, hard-working, energetic ME is now writing from "A Green Ridge".  

One of my recent surprises when I went to the river to watch and wait for the Eagles that frequent this spot, was a river filled with fishermen.  

seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Fishermen

with you and those at

Black and White Weekend

Weekend Reflection


Well, aren't eagles fishermen too?
James said…
What a cool photo! I need to start doing more black and white pics.

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