The Hangout

Nearly every morning this past week, I have begun my regular observations of the Bald Eagles that continue to hang out here.

This is not the first year for this pair yet their nest location remains a mystery to both myself and a long time Club member.  Although "John" does not share the enthusiasm I have for Eagles, he is extremely knowledgeable about "everything Nature".  We're talking about a hike in as well as a canoe paddle in an effort to locate the nest.  Of course, we have to be patient and wait until Mother Nature has dropped all her leaves, enabling a better line of sight.

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The Hangout

Weekend Reflections


Debbie said…
ooooh these are just so beautiful!! i share your enthusiasm for the eagles, they are so majestic in flight!!
Ginny Hartzler said…
You live beside such beautiful nature! There must be so many different birds and other critters. The Mom has done well hiding her nest, it must be up very high. I hope you can find it and get pictures!
Phil Slade said…
It's always amazing to me how large raptors manage to hide their nests and to not give away their location easily. It comes from many thousands of years of persecution whereby they know to be careful of man.

I'm sure you will find the nest once the leaves drop and of course you mean them no harm.
Debbie, thank YOU and yes, I love studying their behaviors. .
Lydia C. Lee said…
These are beautiful. In particular, that top one in magnificent!
Phil this pair has been illusive since 2018. Hoping they are my banded pair, I am determined.
I love it here, Ginny!!
I didn't recognize your new blog dress, JP. I love it. Your phots capture nature at it's finest. And we all appreciate your dedication and sense of purpose. Super photos!

Jane x
Hey...good to hear from you! Yes, new blog, new name (don't ask) but I'm liking this one. It suits me and, after all, it's where we live...:)
James said…
Wow! Amazingly beautiful!

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