A Gift Remembered...A Story

This reminded me of a gift I once received from the Pres.  It went something like this:

"Hon, I got you something special for Valentines Day this year," said the Pres.

Peaking my curiosity, I said, "Really?  Where did you get my present from?"

"Well, remember I told you old Mrs SoandSo died/  Well, I went over to her place and her son told me I could take what I wanted.  C'mon, it's outside, I just brought it home."

Yep, there IT was...an old rusty plow!  And you know what?  I loved it!!!  We brought it with us from CT to VA when we moved there but unfortunately, it stayed in VA when we sold the place.  The Pres didn't want to make a special trip to haul it back up here to CT.  But that was okay.  It belongs there.

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A Gift Remembered

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MadSnapper said…
I LOVE IT!!! i would love to have it
Ginny Hartzler said…
Makes interesting antique yard art!
Ann said…
A very unique Valentines gift.
I love it too - What a fun gift! And I think that any home that's lucky to have it know what a treasure it is too! You must get another! :-)
I'm guessing that tractor saw a lot of hard work before it was retired...to rust.
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I chuckled at this story.

I didn't realize you changed blog names and/or deleted your blog and switched to this .com address. I've added you into my blog's sidebar, so I can find you again. (I have one list for blogspot addresses, and another for non-blogspot. :-)

With regard to my cat: I don't usually post photos of him on my blog. And I do know you have Katniss, who I always enjoy seeing in your blog posts. Usually my cat walks toward me when I'm trying to take his photo, so it's always a challenge to get his picture. And one of the reasons I don't have many of him on my blog. :-)

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