A Green Creature


Although Winter's snow is not on the ground

I'm missing the green that 'twas all around

Including this creature from over the Summer

Unless, of course, you think this cricket a bummer!

seeing, saying, sharing...

A Green Creature

Saturday Critters


kathyinozarks said…
I love all garden critters
Phil Slade said…
Such creatures are fascinating to be able to realise how natural selection allowed them to survive and prosper when so many animals and birds would eat them.
eileeninmd said…
Great eye, finding the green creature among the greenery.
It looks like a grasshopper to me. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great new week! PS, thanks for leaving me a comment.
Ann said…
You gotta take your green wherever you can get it this time of year.

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