Before The Frost

Before our first frost, I worked out in the yard cleaning up and putting away as much as I could.

Heating up surfaces as the day passed, the warm sun felt good to me and good for the creatures as well.

While these red dragonflies are always a favorite of mine, I will say that when I went to add clippings to a pile around back and heard a rustling noise, I stopped right in my tracks.

Seeing the small Garter snake, I continued on after it slithered away beneath the decaying clippings.

Now this is the guy scared the crap out of me when I was disconnecting the hose reels and draining the hoses for the Winter.  He hopped up onto the small tires on the reel and just  it's sudden movement startled me!  Then he just sat there while I worked.

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Before the Frost

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Saturday Critters


MadSnapper said…
I am loving your Critter series they're all beautiful I love frogs and snakes not the poison kind of snakes but these kind of snakes and yes they do start on me sometimes but I just stand still and let them move on.
Brian said…
You sure do have some really interesting neighbors!
Inger said…
This blog is so gorgeous, I want one too! But since that's not happening, I will come here and enjoy it. I really like snakes, they are beautiful critters. And the dragonfly is lovely too. What a great capture of it, sitting there.
Ginny Hartzler said…
So cute! I wish we had toads. We have seen one in the yard in over 30 years. Beautiful dragonfly!
Ann said…
It was a critter kind of day. I wouldn't mind any except for the snake
Of course, the frog would be a welcome visitor, JP, but that snake not at all.
Phil Slade said…
I'm loving the garter snake simply because we have so few snakes in Lancashire where I live. I remember picking up garter snakes in Canada and realising how harmless hey are, if a little smelly!
Yvonne said…
We always see our garter snake when we disturb it and it's seeking shelter from us, so the sighting is only seconds. Very nice photos of nature in your yard.

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