Busy Beaver

For the past week or so, before I see any sign of the eagles, I've been watching a resident beaver.  Of course, when he's most active is while it's still dark.

In fact, the first time I spotted something in the water, I didn't know if it was a muskrat or a beaver.  But then I just watched noting it's behaviors.  Swim with head above the water so so long, then dive.  Watching the water ripple as it swam it was easy to pinpoint where it would surface.

Then as daylight came, I saw just how busy it's been!

Without beavers, we wouldn't have what we have today.  They are ecosystem engineers, carpenters and plumbers.  

You laugh, but when they hear their dam leaking, they feel compelled to repair it immediately.  Although they are a rodent (the second largest I think), they are quite intelligent.  The dams they build filter and purify water and create habitats for many, many species of animals including fish, water fowl, and mammals, let alone help the surrounding vegetation flourish.

Now I'm wondering if I'l be able to watch it's progress as I watch for the eagles.  Yep, it might be a busy Winter!

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Busy Beaver

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MadSnapper said…
I am ready to watch the beaver so keep taking pictures they fascinate me as of anything that has fur and Four Paws whether they swim or walk on land or do both
Debbie said…
what an interesting read. i had no idea and i will never look at one in the same way again!!
Ginny Hartzler said…
This is so cool that a beaver is close to you! Yes, they are very important to the environment, and it is amazing that they instinctively know so much! And the baby beavers are adorable!
Rambling Woods said…
Oh wow...I know they have been introduced in some areas to help wetlands. I can't remember where exactly but I was surprised to read it..Michelle
beavers are amazing creatures! They were recently reintroduced into parts of Scotland.

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