Cake For Two

A few weeks ago, I asked my BFF to take a ride with me.  Since I needed to pick out new eyeglasses, I thought she'd give me a hand.  She's always been very honest and direct with me so her help was important.  Besides we hadn't done a road trip in ages!

Fast forward through the trying on phase and bottom line is that I ended up with the first pair she'd selected and I really like them.   When and if you need to pick out new eyeglasses, here's a tip.

Bring your BFF and be sure you stop at the local Italian bakery before you go home!

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Cake For Two
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Ginny Hartzler said…
Now I can't wait to see you in them!!
carol l mckenna said…
Fun shopping and delish dessert ~ Yum!

Live each moment with love,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)
Debbie said…
always best to bring a bbl, especially for sweet treats!!
Ann said…
Well if your BFF isn't available I'll go the next time. Especially if we're stopping at an Italian Bakery
Michelle said…
Sounds like excellent advice! Picking out new frames can be tricky. Thanks for linking up!
Oooh, your purchases at the Italian bakery look delicious.

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