Define "Free"

If you've ever heard the expression, "The best things in life are free", you may think again after reading this.

"She" went to the drive-up to order herself and a friend coffee.  Getting ready to pay, the server asked if she would like a frozen coffee that was made in error.  "Sure, why not.  Someone will drink it.  Thank you."

After work and now home, "she" placed the frozen coffee in the frig to be enjoyed the following day...her day off.  The next day, there it was waiting for her on the top shelf.  She'd showered, dressed and was ready to hit the road to do the many errands that always consumed a day off.

Reaching up to grab the now thawed coffee, it slipped out of her hand, spilling all over the frig.  Now "she" took everything out of the frig, removed al the shelves and drawers and cleaned it.  That took an hour.

Placing the last glass shelf near the sink to wash, she turned on the water and began wiping it.  Hearing her cat knock something down in the bedroom, she walked away from the sink.  When she returned, there was water all over the hardwood floors, down the cabinets in front of the sink (inside and out I might add).  Wiping, cleaning, mopping...another hour.

"She" decided that SOME THINGS IN LIFE AREN'T FREE AFTER ALL and to heck with the errands!  "She" needed to treat herself to something that really was "free."

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Define "Free"


Debbie said…
awwww, now that's a story!! but it is best to still remember the kindness of the free coffee. that instead of pouring it down the sink, they offered it to you!!!

the other day my husband went to duncan donuts, when he went to pay they told him the customer in front of him had paid for his order, he let it ride and paid for the people behind him. the world is full of good people!!
carol l mckenna said…
Lovely photo ~ not so great with all spillage ~ we all have times like that ~ not fun ^_^

Live each moment with love,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)
Yvonne said…
Sorry about your experience, but this made me smile in that I had a similar experience earlier this year involving removing every shelf from the refrigerator and cleaning the whole works due to a McDonalds ice tea accidently being overturned. You write a good story. Enjoyed this post.
Ann said…
That was one coffee that was so no worth it. Yikes!!
Beautiful photo
Stunningly gorgeous photo. But I am so sorry to hear about the disasters that followed the "free" ice coffee. Ugh.

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