It's not at all unusual to come across discarded railroad parts when I walk the tracks along the river.  

It's such a quiet and peaceful walk listening to the outside world.  I would strongly urge you to try it.

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Inger said…
It must be lovely to have a river to walk along. And I enjoy rusty finds a lot.
Before a good friend moved (to Smith Mountain Lake) we walked weekly on a tow-path along the Potomac and you are exactly right, the 6 mile walk we took really was a chance to clear our heads and just recharge a little. There was so much to see, both just by looking down, and looking up too - A mid-Atlantic birdwatchers paradise. :-)
kathyinozarks said…
Do you natural dye fabrics? these are Perfect for rust dyeing!!
Sounds very peaceful. I believe my husbands work room holds the remainder of these pieces. ;-D


Phil Slade said…
Railwayana is a big thing over here. Seemingly useless objects have great value to collecters.
There is beauty to be found in things that other people often overlook.

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