Imprinting...A Story

 When I went down to the river Saturday morning, I noticed that John's car was already there.  Going about my business for the first 30-40 minutes, I couldn't help but hear the power tools buzzing near the gun range.

John is a man I have so much respect for.  Not only was he President of the Club for years, he is a true outdoorsman.  He can tell you more about anything that exists in the wild than anyone I know.  A hiker, kayaker, fisherman, and an expert marksman, he really knows his stuff.  

So, walking over and saying "Morning.  Need a hand?", he said "Sure if you want to hold the lumber while I cut, that would be great."

Working on a shed near the gun range, he measured, cut and hammered away while we talked.  Then I said, "Hey John, why is there a leaf on this wall?  Did you put the nail through it intentionally?"

"It was there when I put the strips up and if I leave it there, there will be a permanent imprint by the time it rots."

I was happy with his explanation.  In fact, I like it!

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Imprinting...A Story

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Debbie said…
it is always so cool to know someone with that knowledge, ever better to spend time with them. the leaf, cool stuff!!
Ginny Hartzler said…
How interesting, and a miniature piece of beauty! How was it put there?
Ann said…
Well that's a pretty cool idea to leave it there.
I like that story, and the photo to go along with it.
Veronica Lee said…
Love the idea of putting the leaf there!

Happy Friday!
NCSue said…
There's a sermon lurking there. What we spend time with leaves an imprint, for good or for ill.
Thanks for sharing at

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