Never Trust A Turkey...A Story

Did you know that the turkey feather is a symbol of trust, strength, honor, freedom, wisdom and power?  It was given to Native Americans as a symbol of their bravery in battle is deeply revered and a symbol of high honor.

Nearly wiped out, the turkey population is on the rise in CT, (30-35k) according to a recent article I read.  Here, in our neck of the woods, I've never seen a decrease.   When I watch them I cannot help but think about something that happened while I was in observing an eagle nest one year. 

There I was sitting on my folding, three-legged stool in the woods.  Suddenly from the rustling brush, a hen flew straight at me!  Focusing on this large, incoming large bird (a wingspan of about 4 1/2 feet), I lost my balance and fell, stool and all, dropping all my gear as well.  Sitting on the ground I saw where she went...hunkered down as close to the trunk of the tree above me as she could get.  She was trying to get out of the way of the adult Bald Eagle heading toward us!!

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Never Trust A Turkey

Wild Bird Wednesday

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Love the story. I can't imagine a bird that big fly straight at me.

We have seen a few turkeys in our travels in the southwestern and north-middle US. I am always surprised at how colorful they are.

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