Receiving this orchid for my birthday a few years ago, it enjoyed the sunshine on the windowsill.  However, it has never bloomed since, so it's been repotted, and moved to a new location.  It now gets filtered sunlight and has cooler temps at night.  Lets hope that does the trick because when it had flowers, they were a beautiful shade of yellow, signifying friendship.

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I've never tried to grow orchids. My friend has a bunch of them but don't know how she cares for them. Hope this works for you and you get a bloom at last. Stay safe
Ann said…
That never would have survived a second year in my house.
Ginny Hartzler said…
It seems to me that Orchids are so hard to grow!!!
Thanks for getting back to me about my possible Bald Eagle. :-)

I don't know much about plants, so I can't offer any advice. I hope your change of location of your orchid, to filtered sunlight, makes it get flowers.

I've had a Christmas Cactus since last November or December. I repotted it shortly after I got it. But for months, it did nothing. Then, to my surprise, the shortening daylight seemed to cause it to get two new digits of growth. And a few weeks after that, red buds appeared. I knew that kind of plant gets triggered to grow its flowers based on the decreasing number of hours of sunlight per day, but I didn't know that would also cause it to get more leaf growth. (I thought the digit leaves just grew whenever, so I was a little worried when nothing was happening with mine.)
Debbie said…
if you cut the stem that blooms all the way back, i don't think it will ever bloom again. i have had my orchid for 10+ years and it blooms consistently. once it flowers and the blooms fall off, i cut that shoot off and a new blooming shoot appears. 3 ice cubes in the soil, once per week does the trick!

good luck, i hope it blooms for you!!
NCSue said…
We enjoy our orchids as well, and expect some of them to be putting on a show soon.
Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/11/night-visitors.html
Veronica Lee said…
Orchid are indeed hard to grow.

Hope yours bloom for you!
EricaSta said…
We have no orchids. A wonderful Post for Our World Tuesday. I enjoyed reading.
...stay healthy and well.
EricaSta said…
We have no orchids. A wonderful Post for Our World Tuesday. I enjoyed reading.
...stay healthy and well.
Arun Goyal said…
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