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ME:  "Hon, what's the difference between fog and mist.  When I go to the river in the morning, is that fog or mist?"

HIM:  "Why, what does it matter?"

ME:  "I want to be sure I'm saying the right thing when I refer to it."

HIM:  "They're the same thing so say what you want."

With that I walked away and grabbed my itty bitty, teeny weeny dictionary as some old resources are more helpful than others.

 I found this:

"Mist-water vapor; light fog"

Then on Google, I found..."The difference between mist and fog is visibility.  It is called fog when visibility is 1km or less and called mist when visibility remains above 1km."

BTW, a km is 1093 yds (or 3280ft).

One more thing.  I'm infatuated with fog and mist.

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MadSnapper said…
This conversation sounds exactly what what goes on in our house. But I don't use a book I use the internet to look it up actually I pick up my phone and say hey Google what's the difference between mist and fog? And in fact I just asked her and she gave me the same answer that you found
Whatever they are, I love seeing it across the valley in the morning and also around the house in the lacy trees during winter.
Jutta.K. said…
Stimmungsvolles Foto mit einem Text zum schmunzeln ;-))
Ann said…
Well whether that is fog or mist in the photo doesn't change the fact that it's a spectacular shot.
Inger said…
I enjoy mist more than fog. The mountains here get shrouded in mist almost every morning and it is just so gorgeous. As is your photo of the misty lake.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Me too! And this was so fun to learn! I didn't really know the difference either. So now I know that mist is really just thin fog! We live at the foot of Afton Mountain, so get a lot of it, the mountain has built-in fog lights but they don't help that much.
This made me laugh. Great photo. And I am not infatuated, I am IN LOVE with fog and mist! (Unfortunately I rarely get the opportunity to take fog photos, so I am appreciative when I see others posting them.)
P.S. - Have you seen Kathy's blog?

She's on a lake, and recently posted some fog photos. She also has a Bald Eagle couple in the trees in her backyard! She is very lucky. :-)

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