Subject To Change

Before we got snow, I had "leftovers" around the yard.  Basking in the sun, the day I took these photos, they were beautiful. 

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Subject To Change

Then our world changed only to look like this.


lesh Stgermain said…
This year it seems "everything" is subject to change! But this is the first snow, that I know of. Used to live in a forest area in Northern California, and know I am going to be homesick for the snow! So I am extremely happy I decided to visit you. There is something so peaceful about snow... thanks for giving me this moment, Jesh
Ginny Hartzler said…
What sweet lovely flowers! Well, the snow has it's own kind of beauty.
Fun60 said…
The snow looks beautiful but perhaps a bit early in the season for us to have snow here.
Beautiful flowers.
The snow looks lovely too.

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