The Old Lamp

Bought in VA at one of my favorite antique stores, I remember when I brought it home.  It is VERY OLD.

Of course, while I was excited about my new find (even though it didn't work), the Pres "not so much."

"Hon, why would you buy a lamp that doesn't work?"

"Because I KNOW that YOU can fix it, that's why."

The Pres can fix just about anything.  He has so much, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, excavation work, tree that little-bitty head of his, it amazes me.  And you know what?  He fixed it!!

  seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Old Lamp


MadSnapper said…
I love it, you are blessed to have him, I did have a hubby that could fix anything, but now he can't, and i miss it
Ginny Hartzler said…
I really like it. It looks like one of a kind.
Having a husband who can't fix a thing, I envy you! :-) I also envy that lamp, what a treasure!
That's a great-looking lamp and glad the Pres was able tov fix it. Thankfully, my husband is talented in much the same way and for that I am ever grateful because if it's broken, he can usually fix it as well.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Cornhole is an outdoor game played in the south. There is a big tilted board with holes in it. People stand at a distance and try to toss beanbags into the holes. I have never played it, and don't like the name. But it does look like fun! I even saw a wedding reception party playing it once!
It does help to have a fixer in the house!

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