Eye Can't Win!

A weeks ago the Pres went to the eye doctor and when asked to read the top line of the chart with his glasses on, he said to the technician, "You're kidding, right?"  Needless to say, he had a scrip change and was told to get new glasses.

Meanwhile Monday (Nov 30) we had high winds (40-50 mph) and torrential rain, leaving us with many dead branches down in the yard.

Fast forward to Wednesday.  The conversation went like this:

ME:  Hon, when are you going to pick up that branch in the yard?

HIM:  What branch?

ME:  The one lying on the lawn.

HIM:  What are you talking about?  You mean in the woods behind the "baseball scoreboard"?

Calling him over to the great room window, I said, See, right there.

HIM:  You mean the ones underneath the scoreboard?

Standing with him so his line of sight could follow my arm, I pointed.  See, on the lawn between the scoreboard and the bench.

HIM:  Oh, I didn't see that one. 

Friday, I picked up all the branches adding them to the large brush pile over the fence and...the Pres?  Well, on Friday, the Pres picked up his new glasses.  Wearing them when he got home, he never noticed that the branches were gone.

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Eye Can't Win

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Ginny Hartzler said…
Well, I guess you have to laugh. I read an article a long time ago about why men didn't help around the house more, like vacuuming and picking up. After some research, the answer was that men actually didn't SEE or pay any attention to things laying around or dirty rugs. It's just not anything that bothers them, because they never notice things.
Terra said…
Nice story, the saga of the needed new prescription.
Ann said…
LOL typical male
MadSnapper said…
MARS!!! you know what I mean... glad he got his eyesight back...
EricaSta said…
Lol .. .. I enjoyed reading, a good Post for Our World: 7. December! The lockdown is here too, it's a hard time. Laughing is a fine medicine.

Stay healthy and well
NanaDiana said…
HAHAHAHA--Sounds like the world I live in. My fave? Drops his dirty underwear right NEXT to the open hamper. lol. Glad WE can get things done! Happy Wednesday- xo Diana
That story made me laugh.

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