Golden Treasure

While walking through the woods on a friend's property, I came across this tree.  It was the only one of it's kind against the other deciduous trees and pines.  For some reason yellow always makes me feel happy.    

Sure it was late Fall when I took the photo, but the color just struck me as a sign of good things yet to come...lets hope they will.

Then, after reading another blog, I found out that Ginkgo trees will grow in our planting and heat zone.  Supposedly they are beautiful.  However, when I mentioned the idea of getting another tree for our yard, he said..."Hon, we have enough trees."

Between you and I, I still might work on it.

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Golden Treasure

Natures Notes 2


Ann said…
The yellow trees always stand out more. They sure do look happy.
Even if you do have enough trees, what would you do if another "just happened" to show up. I mean you couldn't just get rid of it .
MadSnapper said…
yellow is my favorite color for nature, for flowers especailly. I don't wear yellow or decorate with it, but i do love it and it makes me feel joy
Inger said…
It's my favorite color too in nature. I love yellow roses, daffodils, and the yellow fall colors in the woods.
Ginny Hartzler said…
I recently did my yearly post on Ginko trees. They are living fossils, and millions of years old, basically unchanged over all those years. Your golden tree photo is gorgeous. Yellow makes me happy, too!
Rambling Woods said…
Oh you know that I love yellow...this is a new tree to me as I have never seen one and I don't think it would grow here...Michelle

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