Gut Feeling...A Story

Making my coffee Sunday morning, I noticed a lot of "flotsam and jetsam"floating in my mug after I poured in the half and half.  Hesitating momentarily, I stirred it, hoping for it to disappear.  It didn't.  Down the drain it went.  

Minutes later I was heading downstairs with a new cup of coffee that I made with new creamer. My mind remembered vividly what had happened a few months ago.

Waking up feeling great as usual, I headed upstairs to make my coffee.  Sipping it, I thought it had a funny taste yet, I drank it.  I ate my usual breakfast.  Then around 10:00am, I felt like I was going to barf.  And boy did I.

Throwing up violently for the next four hours, I couldn't wait for the Pres to get home.  Lying in bed, I wondered if I had contracted COVID because I had read that sometimes COVID caused intestinal problems, (especially with Seniors).  However,  I had no fever, no headache.

When the Pres got home and I was still in bed with my "puke bucket" next to me...just in case.  For the next several hours I sipped on Ginger Ale and finally ate a saltine cracker around supper time.

The next morning I felt fine but after speaking to my son, I threw out the half and half even though the date was far from expiring.  He'd told me that sometimes, if dairy products sit out at room temperature too long before they are put in their respective cases in a grocery store, they can spoil.  Who knew?

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Gut Feeling...A Story

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MadSnapper said…
Bob did not throw up but we just threw out a gallon of milk yesterday and the date was still a week away but when he drank some of it he could tell it tasted bad and I told him that I bet somebody sit it out too long in the store and then put it on the shelf and yesterday while I was shopping I saw a gallon of a half a gallon of milk sitting out on top of a shelf and if somebody came along and put that back in the cooler then it's going to taste bad when they drink it
Oh yes, I have seen "stuff floating" too. And I always throw it out.

Also, I smell all milk products, before each use. -smile-

And daily, I give each milk product package, a shake. Think that helps keep them as fresh as possible.

So sorry you had this experience.

Ginny Hartzler said…
Yes, this is very true of dairy products and raw meat. If it sits out more than two hours, bacteria develops and you can get food poisoning. So it seems like it was something about your cream. How awful, I hope you are fine now!! It can be avoided by using powdered creamers, but they are not as healthy.
Phil Slade said…
That's bad luck. Must admit I always smell cream before use and if it is even slightly whiffy, I bin it. Dates aren't necessarily correct I guess. I'm pleased it was a one day wonder though. Such occurrences are very unwelcome.
Ann said…
Yep, gotta watch those dairy products. i'm glad you chose not to drink it this time
betty-NZ said…
I'm sorry to hear about your 'adventure' and am glad you are OK.

A fantastic addition to 'My Corner of the World' this week! May the new year bring you great things to photograph!

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