Her Kingdom

 The recent snow made it easy to see all the deer tracks in our yard but it was when the Pres said that a hawk just flew over the pergola and perched in the woods that I dropped what I was doing in the kitchen.  "It just flew over to the edge of the woods.  See it?"  

Katniss made it easy to find by following her line of sight.  Apparently it had caught her off guard when it flew by, according to the Pres, because she jumped...LOL!  She had been sitting on the back of my chair, looking out over her "kingdom."

seeing, saying, sharing...

Her Kingdom

My Corner of the World


Ginny Hartzler said…
I bet she was so excited!!
betty-NZ said…
What a surprise for you all! Alas, cats just allow us to live in their world so we can feed them!!

So glad you joined us at 'My Corner of the World' this week! Merry Christmas!

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