Life Lessons

Landing in the river not far from me, the Canada geese began to slowly make their way upstream.  Their unplanned arrival was a surprise that morning, although observing them as they paddled was quite interesting.  

In flight, a group is called a gaggle while on land a group can be referred to as a skein, wedge or team.  Did you know that:

-  when flying in that infamous "V" formation, when the one in front gets tired, it will drop to the rear and another will move in the leader position?  

- as they travel each wing beat creates an  an uplift for the bird following, making it easier travel?

seeing, saying, and sharing...
 Life Lessons
with you and

"We prosper when we share a common direction and sense of community.  We can get where we are going faster and better when we travel together and trust each other."


kathyinozarks said…
Lovely photo. we really enjoy watching the geese and ducks here at the lake house. I did know that about their flights-pretty cool enjoy your day
What a beautiful shot, JP! I knew about the alternating leadership but did not know about the lift created by those flying ahead but it certainly makes sense. Stay warm and safe,
Ginny Hartzler said…
I did not know about the Skein and Wedge names. We have the Canada Geese all year round, for some reason. There are so many everywhere that they keep other birds from doing their thing.
Ann said…
I didn't know any of that stuff. How odd that they are called one thing while flying and another while on the ground
Most of this info on geese was new, except that I knew about a gaggle. The "reason" for them flying in a V formation was interesting to learn and NOW I know too.
Villrose said…
Great photo and smart birds!
eileeninmd said…
Hello JP,
Great photo, it looks like it could have been taken here at our lake.
Thanks for sharing the info on the geese. I like the travel together quote. Take care, have a happy day!
How interesting...I didn't know that. We watched a flock of about 30 Sandhill Cranes fly in a V today. They were beautiful! We can always learn from nature.
PS I have to come back to say what a gorgeous photo that is!
Debbie said…
such a beautiful image...i knew gaggle, that was it!!
Veronica Lee said…
Other than gaggle, I didn't know about the other collective nouns for geese. How interesting!

Stunning photo btw!
Yvonne said…
There are many good life lessons from nature, after all, nature's been at it for some time :) Beautiful photo.
betty-NZ said…
The things I learn! I know that humans could learn a lot about helping others from many of our feathered friends.

It's great to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

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