Listening...A Gift

Grateful for many things, I try to concentrate on the intangibles.  Life has shown me that there are so many gifts taken for granted.  PLEASE remember to be present in a conversation...don't just "hear."  So many people in my immediate circle are expereincing a major change in their lifestyle right now that all I can do is listen and be compassionate.  Hoping that the shoulder I offer helps them, giving them a little extra strength.  Sometimes we all need a shoulder.

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Listening...A Gift

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Thankful Thursday


MadSnapper said…
in this quiet muffled photo of fog, i would listen to the quiet. i need to work on my listening skills
Debbie said…
such a beautiful image of the fog!! most people listen to respond, it is so important just to listen and offer comfort!! happy new year, many it bring you strength, health and happiness!!
Ginny Hartzler said…
This is so impostant. What a beautiful fog shot! Mysterious and lovely.
Ann said…
This is so true. I think I listen pretty good but my problem is giving advice when it wasn't necessarily asked for.

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