Turning an old nail keg upside down to use as it's base, I placed the four footer filled with momentos on top.  Setting it up in the corner of the hall downstairs was a good idea.  Every time I passed it, I could remember another place, time or person!

seeing, saying, and sharing...


with you and 

Shadow Shot 2


MadSnapper said…
great idea, i see you have an eagle on your tree. I am shocked, I say I say I am shocked🎅
Ginny Hartzler said…
It is wonderful! And so unique and woodsy! Looks like a tree you could keep up all winter!
Brian said…
Very clever and pretty too!
Inger said…
I love this. In the Scandinavian tradition, I like my Christmas to be woodsy, woolly, and warm.
Ann said…
Great idea and it's a cute little tree.
What a great idea! I am in no way creative, so I recognize that quality in others like you! I love it!
Great ornaments on this tree. Beautiful.
Lovely shadows accompanying your tree!

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