Shhhhh...She's Hiding

Walking into my bedroom to get dressed, I immediately spot Katniss on the blanketed window ledge.  However, I am not supposed to let on that I see her...shhhhh...she's hiding.  Rather than go over and lift the lace curtain to get batted with a paw in the face, I pick up my phone and take a quick pic.  She turns as if to say, "awwww Mom, you're not supposed to see me.  I'm hiding."

Of all the cats I've owned, this one's personality outshines Spoofy Toodles, Satan and Angel (brother/sister), Inkers, Fatty Fuchsia, and Vern!!

 seeing, saying, sharing...

Shhhh...She's Hiding




MadSnapper said…
love the photo, love the LACE and our Beau is like your cat, outshining all the ones from the past..
Inger said…
Hiding behind a lace curtain is such a cat-thing to do. It's a lovely picture, thanks for sharing it.
Katniss certainly has a good vantage spot and may be thinking of all the birds she could be capturing, but then who knows what cats are thinking about?
Ginny Hartzler said…
Just adorable!! You have had a lot of cats. We have had 6. Now I am curious about the name Fushcia!
Ann said…
I remember having cats that would hide behind the curtains. They always seemed to forget to tuck in a tail and it would give them away
Michelle said…
Awwww....a sweetie no doubt.
Great photo of Katniss hiding. My cat does that too, except he's usually completely behind a curtain, sprawled on the radiator for warmth. Sometimes nothing is visible; sometimes a paw is hanging down. The other day, I thought he had vanished, and wondered where in the world was he, and of course he didn't respond to me calling his name, like he normally does. I think he can tell by the tone of my voice that I'm in a panic, and he finds it amusing to remain hidden until I can find him. Sure enough, he was on the radiator, hidden behind the curtain.

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