The Nor'easter's Beginning

 Every creature (including us) were ready.  Anxious to see if the local predictions would become reality, I waited patiently.  So far, so good.  Oh, the prediction?  12-16"...WOOT! WOOT!  

seeing, saying, sharing...

The Nor'easter's Beginning


Brian's Thankful Thursday


kathyinozarks said…
Beautiful photo stay safe and warm
We are finally getting a nice snowfall in NH as well. It was still blowing around as of a few minutes ago and as we have nowhere to go and are safe indoors, it can SNOW.
Ann said…
You can keep it all. It was snowing here but we got less than an inch
NanaDiana said…
My old town in PA got 30" in a few hours. Pretty but scary stuff when you get that much all at once. xo Diana

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