The Red Gifts

At first, when I looked out the DR slider, there was ONE bright red Cardinal.  Grab the camera!

When I looked in that direction again, there it was sitting next to a Hairy Woodpecker. Grab the camera!

The next time I glanced out, there were TWO Cardinals sizing up the feeders and a their little friend. Grab the camera!

Finally, grabbing the camera one more time, there were now THREE Cardinals and their little friend perched behind them.  These hemlocks are about 100 yds from the house and serve as great cover year round for all our birds let alone the deer that love to nibble on the lower branches.  

Hey, one more thing...we're getting a "nor'easter" tonight...WOOT! WOOT!  My snowshoes are ready!!  

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The Red Gifts



MadSnapper said…
they are gifts as are all those gorgeous trees out side your window
Inger said…
Those cardinals are so lovely and I didn't know some species could eat hemlock.
Jutta.K. said…
We once had a hemlock in our garden
But unfortunately there weren't such great birds in it ;-)
Isn't it wonderful to see those spots of color? I can't imagine being thrilled about a Nor'easter coming. Stay warm and safe.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Hemlocks, don't know if I have seen any! Of course if I did, I wouldn't know what they are! Wonderful shelter for all creatures great and small.
Ann said…
I love seeing cardinals especially this time of year.

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