We Got This

Taking me a lot longer this year to decorate, it's finally done.  Saving the LR tree for last, I really took my time and thought about what was going where.  By the time I was done though, I was physically and mentally pooped.  

The outside of the house was much easier because there was no snow or ice to contend with.  The swags beneath the windows were just put up this week and thank goodness that didn't take long because it was bitter COMy favorite "s" word may be coming this week in the form of a Nor'easter so for now outside photos are on hold.

This year, I focused on gifts received over the years to remind me of all the love and caring in my life.

In fact, I'm still looking for one special gift we received my my SIL and BIL many years ago.  Neither of us have any idea where we put it after celebrating last Christmas!  (Don't worry S & R...I'll find it!!)

The snowmen on my antique trestle desk (a gift) were made by my granddaughter and myself.  What a riot!!  We stuffed socks with dry white rice then glued on felt buttons and added small bow ties!  Her snowman has the gold bow and stands in the middle, of course.

Unfortunately the wall sconces were on when I took the photo in the DR and I didn't realize how they'd appear in the photo....oopsie...sorry! 

So many gifts from the family and friends over the years,  once tucked away, now displayed bringing back all the memories making this a warm and cozy Christmas.  

seeing, saying, and sharing...

We Got This

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MadSnapper said…
the dining room shot is beautiful, that bright light is The Christmas Star glowing in your home. LOVE the tiny pine cone tree, in fact I want one. your big tree is gorgeous... I like that you have trees every where. I love trees to
Great Christmas decorations and tree. And this year I got a crescent Santa ornament that looks just like the plaque you have on your wall! (My blog post photo of him will pop out on Christmas eve.)

Ready for the Nor'easter? Ugh.
Jutta.K. said…
It looks very noble with you, beautiful decorations wherever I look!
Christmas can come.
Ginny Hartzler said…
It all looks so lovely, inviting, and cozy! I love the little church and tiny snowmen. The snowmen you and your granddaughter made are awesome!! And how about this for a coincidence, about 10 minutes ago a friend dropped one here for me. She has made it the same way, a sock and rice. I am posting it tomorrow.
Ann said…
Everything looks great. I'm just not in the mood for decorating this year
kathyinozarks said…
Beautiful home-and filled with memories-hugs
Oh, your home looks so cozy. Love that last photo of the deer gazing at the tree in silhouette.
Perfect Christmas decor because it features precious family memories.
Your photos really made me so warm and fuzzy inside. I kept my decor to a minimum so I can enjoy my very favorite treasures. The old ornaments from my childhood that I can still remember, sparkling in the colored lights are always the first thing I add to the tree or a pretty dish.

Sending wishes for joy and happiness this holiday season!🎄

Veronica Lee said…
Love the beautiful Christmas decorations and tree!

Happy Wednesday!
betty-NZ said…
What a great job decorating! I like the simple little church and the reindeer silhouette!

I appreciate your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for joining us!
Yvonne said…
Your Christmas is so warm and beautiful. The sock snowmen and so many other things are wonderful memories that just light up one's heart. Wishing you a very merry Christmas.

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