Weight Gain

Taking this pic of the adorable Black-Capped Chickadee, once I removed it from my camera, it made me chuckle.  Hoping it makes you smile too!

I am thankful for LIFE and everything that's made me whole (and then some).
How about you?  Have gained any weight since March?

seeing, saying, sharing....

Weight Gain

with you and 

Thankful Thursday

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MadSnapper said…
I have gained 10 lbs since March 15th and am really upset about it
Inger said…
According to my jeans, I've not gained anything. I'm tall, I used to be six feet, now a bit shorter so more room to spread out food. I also can't eat much at any one sitting. Never could and I have no idea why.

Jutta.K. said…
A very nice photo of the small, sporty black-headed tit.
Well, we're not all that sporty, but that would be good for my Fugur too ;-)
I would be happy if you would take part in my challenge with it too.
best regards
Ginny Hartzler said…
They are such adorable puffy acrobats! And your photo captures their personality perfectly! Yes, I am stuck in the house with food most of the time I have gained and lost and gained and lost, and so on!
Ann said…
I've gained far too much weight but I can't blame it on the pandemic because it started a while back
Lovely photo.

No comment, I mean I'll plead the Fifth Amendment with regard to weight gain since March. ;-)
Brian said…
That is such a cutie! Our Dad has put on a few pounds since March too. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!
Michelle said…
I think they are the cutest birds. We had our deck worked on and I haven't put my bird feeders back up :( This reminds me I need to do that! Thank you for linking up!

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