Bitter cold the past few days, I couldn't help but notice that the ice that had formed along the riverbanks seemed to have quite a range of "color."  While I know it's the thickness that is measured for safety reasons, I still wonder if the thickness determines the "color."

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Black and White Weekend


Ginny Hartzler said…
I believe the thickness does maccount for the color changes!
The past two bitterly cold nights are the first time this winter that ice has been formed and staying along the Nashua River. From our top window view, it does not look to be completely frozen, but we have more very cold days ahead. Now the mallards, geese and seagulls are further away looking for open water spots.
MadSnapper said…
i froze yesterday while walking, it was 45 degrees. the snow has no color in this photo, looks like a black and white photo. i have no idea what the answer is
Dragonstar said…
I've no idea of the answer to your question - we get so little snow and ice here! Lovely photo.

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