Define "Old"

Way back in 1802 while the Pres and I lived in VA, we used to drive up to CT to see the kids, grandkids and friends.  Trying to hit all four kids (2 from the Pres' first marriage and 2 from my first marriage) in the time allowed was difficult because they all worked so visiting them was limited to weekends. Of course, they all wanted us to come to "their house" to see their decorations, the improvements they'd done since our last visit, etc.  Added in the visiting mix were some of the Pres' siblings as well as his Mom which added to the race against time.

One year, I received these "air-bake cookie sheets" from my daughter.  Back then I would bake up to 25 varieties of cookies and bars, making 6-10 dozen of each kind for sharing.  She knew these would come in handy.

The point I'm making here is these pans are "old" yet they bake cookies perfectly and use them to this day.  When I was cleaning out my cupboards the other day, I thought...these things have been around a long time...they're old...I wonder if they even make them I toss, donate or keep?

I decided that "age" is relative.  Wanting a little reassurance, I asked my friend, Google "Is age relative?"

"Age, like time, is relative.  It is only a number that has whatever meaning I assign to it."

Then I decided...nope, they're not old.  They're staying.

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Define "Old"

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MadSnapper said…
they work and work well so keep them is the way to go. i cook in 2 pots that my mother had in 1948, they work well, another one is from the early 50's, a few pie plates from early 50's, in fact they are all I cook with. I brought them home in 1990 when she died.
Ginny Hartzler said…
If they still bake well, there is no reason to get rid of them! I also wonder if they are still being sold. I remember them well, they are double with a layer of air in between. They used to be so popular, wonder why you never hear about them anymore? Maybe the non-stick has replaced them.
Hey, no reason to get rid of them just because they're "old". They still work fine. I've got some things here around the house that are old and they aren't going anywhere.
Ann said…
Even if you decide they are old, if they work for you then they serve a purpose.
Someone at our office the other day said that with the exception of 2 of the girls, we were an office of "old ladies." I have to admit, part of me was really bothered by that, so I'm going to remember this great quote and send it to "the girls."

And I used to have cookie sheets like that. Mine are long gone, because I didn't really take care of them. Like we need to do for ourselves as we get older too. :-)!!
James said…
Great post and now I'm craving cookies. Thankfully my wife has already promised to bake Tollhouse cookies for my birthday next Saturday.

I'm glad age is relative but I have to say that you and the Pres must be as old as the hills.

"Way back in 1802 while the Pres and I lived in VA" - Did you ever cross paths with Thomas Jefferson back in those days. ;-)
Debbie said…
they look just like new...good thing you kept them. i use to have 2, i don't know what happened to mine!!
Inger said…
Old has never been a bad word to me. Sometimes though, you just have too many things, some of them old, and then I believe it's a good idea to weed it out a bit. Things that work and are being used should stay. That's how I feel about stuff. Have a nice day, j.p., I remember your blog from back in the day. So glad you started this beautiful one from Connecticut.

Older things like people get better with age, JP.

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