Does anyone out there know why cats fixate on shadows?  The reason I ask is this.  I notice that when there are shadows in a room, Katniss seems preoccupied with them, watching them until they vanish.

There I was sitting in my chair with her favorite blanket on my lap.  Pushing open the door and slowly walking toward me, I said, "C'mon, I'm ready.  the blankie is on my lap.  Come and make meatloaf."  (BTW, Katniss kneads when she's in my lap which I call "making meatloaf".)

Jumping up like she always does, she immediately noticed the shadows on the wall and didn't take her eyes off of them until the sun went behind a tree no longer came through the window. 

seeing, saying, sharing...


Shadow Shot Sunday 2  

Brian's Thankful Thursday


kathyinozarks said…
cat are just special aren't they? I hadn't noticed that about shadows.
we no longer have any fur family members. our kitty was over 20 years old and she died soon after we moved to the lake. and our beloved Nikita (wolf) passed after a long time as well. with our ages decided not to find another pet since they live so long-would not be fair to them
Ann said…
I've often though it would be interesting to be able to read a cats mind and know why they do the things they do.

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