Little Piggy

Asking the Pres to dump out the 30 gallon metal can we keep our bird seed in, I knew he wouldn't be able to  go far with it.  I couldn't budge it.  It was heavy...very heavy because the lid had blown off during a recent storm and the pouring rain ruined the entire 50 lbs bag of sunflower seed.  Knowing the seed would inevitably get moldy, I thought that dumping it near the woods would at least let a few critters enjoy it.

To my surprise, the next day, rather than seeing a flock of turkeys, or birds, or. even the small herd of deer, I watched one gray ground squirrel.  It had discovered the huge pile and began devouring it.    Spending most of that day and the next day feasting, I wondered if the little thing would have a belly ache.

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Little Piggy

Wordless Wednesday


Ginny Hartzler said…
Yes, that was the first thing I thought about, too. Hopefully wild animals have some kind of instinct as to what might make them sick?
Ann said…
He must have been in his glory. Those squirrels do know how to make pigs of themselves.
MadSnapper said…
He's adorable and I'm wondering if he did wake up with a stomach ache and also how much of it he buried somewhere
Maybe that squirrel alerted some friends? Did you check to see how much, if any, of the seed was left, JP?
there may have been more than one squirrel and i think their digestive systems can cope with feast or famine much better than ours

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