Writing this post, the aroma was great and filled the entire house!  Just out of the oven and causing me to salivate and swallow more frequently, the Eggplant Parmesan looked mouth-watering and delicious.  Well, I guess my sense of smell is still working!  And hoping my sense of taste will be just as sharp as the cheeses I used when we sit down for dinner tonight, I almost hated to cover it, putting my sense of touch to work.  Hmmmm, then my sense of sight kicked in causing me to think I think I need some new potholders!!

seeing, saying, sharing...


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Thankful Thursday


Ginny Hartzler said…
Oh my, It looks SO delicious! I can almost smell it!
Wow, I started salivating when I saw those, too. I thought it was lasagna. Either way, it looks delicious. (I have cardinal pot holders I got at the Christmas Tree Shops a few years ago. They are a Christmas themed pattern, but there's no law saying one can't use them all of the time. :-)

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