Stellar Eagle Survey

Yes, it was cold.  The wind was 10 mph.  Skies were clear.  While my team only saw one immature Eagle (3rd year sub-adult I believe), the numbers listed below are ONLY for this particular region of CT (26 towns). Statewide totals will not be available for several months after all pertinent data has been collected, analyzed and tallied.


35 Eagles...30 adults...5 immatures (ranging in age from 1st to 4th yr) 

16 teams...comprised of 46 volunteers

37 locations...23 river...14...flat-water 

The related stories from the volunteer observers are still circulating and we were told we did a "stellar" job.  This year was very interesting regarding behaviors.  Adult pairs from various territories were sighted at the same location along with immatures.  Of course, it is not yet breeding season here which explains multiples congregating at one location tolerating each other.

Just a little reminder because:groups of Eagles are known as a convocation, congregation, aerie

A few of you had mentioned that you have a difficult time deciphering an immature eagles from a hawk when the bird is in flight or perched.  This Audubon link Tips for Identifying Raptors along with perhaps a silhouette sheet identifying raptors (birds of prey...birds that must kill to live) in flight for starters.  Also pay attention to wing shape and flight patterns.  They can be very helpful. 

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eileeninmd said…
Hello JP

It is always nice to see the Eagles, I am glad they are doing so well now. Also, great to see so many volunteers helping out with the Eagle survey. Take care, enjoy your day! PS, I appreciate your visit and comment.
Brian said…
We love seeing those majestic eagles!
How exciting and so great to hear the numbers are good. We saw an immature Eagle twice lately in the same area at a trail we hike. It was challenging to figure out for sure what he was but we were glad we IDed him. I still need to share pics! Love all of this great info!
Ginny Hartzler said…
A Bald Eagle! The counters did well this year. What is the most common hawk in your area?
Ann said…
Congratulations on a stellar job
eileeninmd said…
Just stopping back to say thank you for linking up your post!
Have a happy day and a great new week!
Jean said…
Appreciate the link to the tips for identifying raptors, very helpful. And of course, super exciting news about the eagles!
It always amazes me how many of your bald eagles might be seen in one area, our eagles (golden eagles and sea eagles) here in Scotland are all loners.
I'm glad I found your post with the Bald Eagle survey results. I'm looking forward to seeing the final one, with totals for all of CT. And thanks for including that tips link. (I added it to my blog.) I am very happy to hear about the growing population in our state. :-)
Rambling Woods said…
How exciting...I am going to look at your info and link as I have never seen one and don't know much about them at all...cheers to this Wed...yea...Michelle

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