The Look of Love??

The Pres always sits in his recliner when he's awake.  He sits there as soon as he gets his OJ every morning and when I come home from wherever or whenever, there he is...sitting in his chair.  He sits there to eat his supper and until he goes to bed.  It's always been HIS spot.  After all, it's HIS chair!  

We also have a sofa and a swivel chair which is generally where I park when I'm upstairs.  At night, when I'm watching TV, I'm generally lying on the couch., blanket over me and Katniss sprawled out in my lap.  During the day, if I"m upstairs, I sit in my olive green swivel.  It's very comfy and because it swivels, I can see just about everything that's going on whether it's in "Kat's kingdom" or in the entire GR and kitchen.  

All was pretty routine and going smoothly until a few months ago.  Lately, whenever I get up out of my chair, Katniss climbs in and refuses to budge!

Understanding that the seat cushion is nice and warm after I've been sitting there, I can understand that the warmth and my scent would entice her.  However, rebellious child that she is, as soon as I walk back into the GR, there she is curled up in my spot, on my chair!  Just the other day, after I had "the talk" with her about it being Mommy's chair not hers,  this...yes THIS... is the look I got.   

seeing, saying, sharing...

The Look of Love???

Saturday Critters


Ginny Hartzler said…
Wait! I want the end of the story! What do you do then? Push her out? Leave her there? Tempt her out with treats? Our cat does the same thing! But he looks so comfy that I can't bear to move him. And if I do, I give him treats. Phil says I spoil him, but he is old.
Debbie said…
oh boy, that is some look you got!!

i think everyone has there spot in the house, even the animals!! enjoy your sunday!!
I don’t suppose Katniss has her own cat bed, and if so, definitely prefers your comfy chair, JP.
kathyinozarks said…
HaHa that's kittys for ya
Ann said…
LOL, it looks like she is challenging your authority.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, JP
I like the view out your window. Katniss should have a seat all her own, she looks too comfy to move. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great week. PS, I appreciate the comment and visit.

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