Cats Are Trainable!


Can I train a cat?  I mean seriously...are cats trainable?  I love the independence of owning a cat as well as the connection between Katniss and I.  She comes when I call her and use key words to get her involved with playing or showing off.   I really think she has the potential of becoming a GREAT "watch dog"...LOL!  This particular afternoon, she meowed to get my attention!!  I think she was saying "Uhhhh....Mom...they're back".

She has several favorite spots around the house and when I'm downstairs she often can be found lounging on her window hanger affixed with suction cups (inexpensive too <$10.00).  The canvas cover slides on/off, is washable and easy to slide onto the sturdy plastic, tubular frame.

seeing, saying, sharing...

Cats Are Trainable!!


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Debbie said…
she sounds like a wonderful companion!! that's a cute picture!!!
Ginny Hartzler said…
What a cute picture of her looking at the turkeys! Yes, cats ARE trainable! We saw a cat act on America's Got Talent!
Photo Cache said…
I have two cats. In my experience, cats are the masters. Humans are trainable.

Worth a Thousand Words
Ann said…
I would think that a cat can be trained so long as it wants to be trained :)
NCSue said…
To my surprise, my 10-year-old, Louie, seems to be learning a new command - combined pointing and "down" to get off my recliner when I want to depose him.
Thanks for sharing at
Phil Slade said…
JP, I am sure you are correct about training cats. I suspect you are one of the few who would do so. Around here the cats seem to be trained to kill birds and small mammals.
I think cats are trainable, but one might need to start when they are a kitten. My cat knows his name, and a few other key words. He comes when I call him. He also knows certain sounds, but some he learned on his own (like the sound of his wet food cat dish, which is a new addition to his diet after his June surgery). There are also a few things he did as a kitten on his own, but then I reinforced them, to keep him doing them. He likes to jump up on my back, if I'm leaning over. He started doing it as a kitten, so now I continue to let him do that every once in awhile. (Sometimes he does it unexpectedly, too, when I'm leaning over doing something and don't know he has come over to see what I'm doing. He decides to get a better view by jumping up onto my bent over back. :-)

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