Getting Friendly


I know.  I know.  The photo is a little odd to say the least, yet if you look through the blur, there's a young Jake who was peeking in the DR window...Hey, anybody in there?   Meanwhile the others paraded along the plowed pathway to the bird feeders knowing all too well that seed would be scattered for them.
Then another young male decided to investigate the deck stairs...probably because they were shoveled off and easier for him to walk.  

seeing's saying, sharing...

Getting Friendly

Wild Bird Wednesday

The Bird D'Pot

However,  after examining the entire flock "best in show" went to the the young couple that paraded past the kitchen window.  Moving slowly along the path and long enough for me to get these shots of them in their "down" outerwear, they clearly won first prize.


MadSnapper said…
what a fun invasion, i would have snapped myself silly. just like you
Ginny Hartzler said…
These two closeups are so sharp and good! And your first picture...I think it is artistic and pretty.
That first pic is not odd at all! It is interesting, and different, and a nice change, from just-as-it-is pics! I love it!

I even like it better, than the parading young couple! -grin-
Ann said…
They're just making themselves right at home aren't they
Dave said…
The first image does exactly what you said 🤓 once your tuned in there he is
Always great to get unexpected visitors

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