Interesting Observation

You know me and my observations always looking and spotting something of interest. Well last week it was inside.  As I passed by the kitchen island last week, I looked down and saw the start of something interesting.  (Well at least I thought it was interesting.)  So I repositioned myself a little.  That was the result.  There on the kitchen island was a reflection of the GR...well a lot of it.  So yes, there is a cathedral ceiling and the ceiling fan is in the GR while the three globed wrought iron light hangs over the stairwell.

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Interesting Observation

Weekend Reflection


MadSnapper said…
amazing that you found this inside your home. I LOVE IT!!!
What a great perspective! Made me do a double take and it still takes some studying.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Wow, such an artistic shot! I cannot even make out the surface that has the reflection or the kitchen counter. I wish we had a cathedral ceiling, they are wonderful, and make the room look so much bigger. Makes it feel like you live in a palace. And I bet they make the house worth so much more.
Jutta.K. said…
This is really a great reflection!
This just goes to show, once again, that the most unusual and often interesting images can be spotted very close to home, JP, and in fact right IN your home..
A fun reflection -- And there it has been, the whole time you've lived there, waiting for you to notice! 😊
Ann said…
It's a fun way to look at your house in a new way
James said…
Holy cow! What a cool reflection!

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