Seeds of Change

Feeling a few ounces lighter now that I got my haircut, and have a beautiful smile (after my dental cleaning), I am ready for my fist COVID vaccine this weekend.  With only two days to go, although this may sound selfish, I am hoping and praying they don't run out of vaccine!  Once that is done, I can set up my next appointment for round two. 

Like everyone, I'm doing some research about "life after the vaccine (s)".  Social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing will continue but perhaps with Spring and Summer arriving soon, we will all see, remember and appreciate fresh air once again.  

Recently, a very good friend of my step-daughter gave the Pres and I some N95 masks when we last saw him.  Handing them to the Pres, he said, he wanted to take care of us.   I thought that was so darn sweet of him! 

seeing, saying, sharing...

Seeds of Change

Thankful Thursday

Thankful isn't the word for friends, and kind gestures!!


Ginny Hartzler said…
Are these your flower seeds? They are beautiful! I hope you will show us when they bloom. Do you know which vaccine you will get? We got the Phiser, and are waiting for the second one next week. We might have a good spring, after all!
Nothing says Spring like seed packets! And by the way, there is actually a seed company called "Seeds of Change".
Debbie said…
i received the pfizer vaccine. i was a little bit emotional afterward, i felt so incredibly grateful!!

beautiful seeds, some of my favorite colors!!
My husband had two covid vaccine doses and I had my first and I am waiting for #2 in two weeks. It is a relief! We still have to be careful and continue to wear masks. etc, but at least we don't have to fear hospitalization and death quite as much.
Ann said…
I see pretty flowers in your future :)
Michelle said…
Glad to hear you are getting the vaccine. It is important! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

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